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While designing live web applications, we find numerous cases surfaced out during that course of development, which may be or may be not have been taken into consideration at the earliest stage of documentation. This really creates a lot of development process reshuffling, in that case documentation goes again into another revised course of adjustment and consequently database structure gets affected, most importantly project module’s flow takes another swing. But the significances of this practically unavoidable situation are your website gets elevated into real world. Under these circumstances the actual cost and time line of earlier defined process modules gets enlarge in both terms. Awfully the client who has synchronized their future business development approach in line with project’s completion time line gets hampered. Surely the over cost need to be shared by both parties (client and web designing company). Sometime clients hold responsible, for the lack of forecasting skills to website designer company. But client has to understand that it was he/she, who actually lives into that state of affairs and it is his/her responsibility to explain that situation to the website designer. In another side web designing company needs to scrutinize step wise manual execution process of running system. This actually helps to understand the practical non ideal issues for the same. There is certain steps to make a site live. First client needs to determine and get registered a prospective domain name with the help of marketing persons and that suits to company’s executing domain too. Secondly client needs to buy an obligatory web hosting space that is essential to host the website on web server. Technology of the web hosting services depends on the platform to be used in developing the website. Like a website developed in .Net platform needs a windows server and PHP based site needs Linux server. Clients can take a suggestion regarding web server configuration from their website development company. In thirds step your website designing company develop your site based on agreed scope of the project between client and them. Once the client confirm the flow of the project after testing at user end, web designing company upload the site content at web server and site gets live . Site content uploading and maintenance is part of agreement made between client and website designing company.

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