How to Get Visitors to Read Your Article and Increase Your Web Site Traffic

Article writing should be a major part of your internet marketing strategy. In most cases, depending on the content, articles can greatly increase traffic to your web site. But there is a problem.

The internet was built for those of us who love to surf through the information rather than read volumes at a time. Since many people do prefer scanning, there is a pretty good chance your entire article will not be read. Visitors usually look for sentences or paragraphs that capture their attention, and then return to the search engines to continue surfing. If they happen to come across a poor or mediocre article, they will leave even sooner. You can bank on that.

So what does it take to get your visitors to read more than a few sentences and view your article as a quality resource? The answer is to provide a well written article with plenty of useful content. You can get more web site traffic by using the following tips.

1. Use Sub-headings

A good sub-heading can peak the curiosity of your visitors and get them to read more of your article. Do not try to be too cute. The sub-heading should be relative to your subject without overwhelming the content of article. The whole purpose of a sub heading is to lead the visitor to the next section of your article. Integrate your subheadings without allowing them to be distractions.

2. Use Bullets and/or Numbers

For whatever reason, people like lists. Most of us will take reading articles with bullets and numbers over those with long drawn out paragraphs. With so much information available today, attention spans are not what they used to be. People get bored very easily, so you must capture their attention fast and hold it. Formatting with bullets or numbers allow you to keep the pace and momentum of your article moving forward. Think in terms of the soundbytes you see on television; descriptive and catchy but very brief. Apply that to your article writing.

3. The Hook

Each paragraph of your article must hand off to the next one. Develop a main point for each paragraph without giving too much information away concerning the rest of the article. Think of each paragraph as steps that get your visitors to take action. The action in this case is you want them to continue reading your article and click on your web site link in the resource box. Give your readers just enough in each paragraph to get them to the end of your article.

4. Your Credibility

This by itself can determine your site traffic. If you are just starting out, the best credibility is to provide good content. The product or service you offer might be great but let us face facts: among millions of websites, people do not know you. Earning credibility does not happen overnight. It is going to require a steady flow of unique content before you stand out from the crowd so get started writing now.

Whether immediate or long term the point is get readers to go beyond just scanning your article. Utilize these tips while staying focused on providing informative content and watch your web traffic steadily increase.

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