Avoid Over Seo Optimization Of Your Adult Website Business

Implementing SEO on your adult website business pages is extremely vital to having a shot at that coveted number one spot on the first page of the search engine results. With that said, there are adult websites that have either seen their ranking fall drastically in the SERPs or have been permanently jettisoned by search engines due to over optimization. This article will give a quick overview of what to avoid so you do not over optimize the pages on your adult website business.

When Googles spiders scan a site, not only is the sites SEO looked at, the site is weighed against all other sites in same genre including niche, group and keywords. Google then determines: if the site is over optimized (both on-page and off-page) relative to the current high ranking sites; do over optimized sites in this category have a history of being considered spam sites and what are the satisfactory parameters for this site to be considered properly optimized for this niche or keywords. In short, Google, as well as other search engines, use past trends to determine and calculate what the limits for acceptable optimization are. If those limits are exceeded, Google then determines what the likelihood is the site will be considered spam.

With that said, here is a list of some SEO practices to avoid:

Do not use black hat or unscrupulous SEO techniques
Do not use or stuff too many keywords or phrases on the same page or in the domain name
Do not use the same keyword phrases
Do not have a keyword density over 7%
Do not write or place duplicate content for your site, related sites or sites belonging to others
Do not link to spam sites, sketchy sites or link farms; diversify your links
Do not have spelling errors or any kind of mistakes on the pages of your site
Do not put capital letters in the domain name when it is not needed
Do not use hidden text that will only be seen by the search engines
Never forget to write your page and site text for the visitor to your site not the search engines
Never forget to have a call to action on the pages to your sites

If the written text on your page look unnatural and does not have a good flow, the search engine spiders will possibly conclude your site should be cited for excessive optimization. If all the pages on your website have the same tag configuration and same keyword phrase ratio, there is an excellent possibility your site will be hit with a penalty by the search engine. That is why it is so important to write like you are having a conversation with the visitor to your site and not with the search engine. Do not overthink when you write text for your web pages. And if you are having difficulty writing page text, approach it from the aspect of you being a visitor to the site. That is, how as a visitor to this page would you want the written text presented so that it would hold your interest, be relevant and get the message across.

Backlinks are extremely advantageous when trying to improve your SERPs. However, if you get too many too quickly, you will trigger suspicion with the search engines and risk the possibility of a penalty. No one really knows what that proper pace is to acquire backlinks. Experts will always give you their best educate guess and that is truly what it is. I have found the best way is to start building your links slow, steady and at a pace that will appear natural to the search engines. As your site grows both in size and traffic, pick up the pace of the link building. Without question, avoid links from a link farm or questionable sites.

Adult Website Business Success Is A Long-Term Proposition

Achieving success for your adult website business is a long term proposition that requires dedication and time. Constantly working on your site to improve it and creating original quality written content as well as adding backlinks in a natural manner will go a long way to build credibility. Do not be tempted by short cut systems or schemes to achieve high rankings. Google will always find you out and the consequences could be severe for you and your site.

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